These days
are wildly changeable 
and annoyingly predictable. 
We are together, together, together. 

It looks like short tempers, patience long gone. 
It looks like dirty dishes, scattered toys. 

But then, the light shifts. 

And it looks like baking from scratch, extra snuggles.
It looks like unfettered giggles, the most grateful of hearts. 

These days,
I can see the love as a physical thing, 
floating from room to room and filling us. 

We are together, together, together.

And Spring, You’re the Best

As soon as Adam walked in the door, I was setting out dinner plates. The three of them ate at lightning speed and ten minutes later, they were outside, stealing the last light of the day. I finished dinner inside alone, listening to them play through the screen door. The girls’ shrieks of laughter, his playful taunts; all set against the cacophony of the trampoline springs. It was true and full and sounded just like love to me.

Note: I’m working on what I’ll call snapshots; in which I’ll make an attempt to capture a moment and put its feeling into a few words. I hope I’ll catalog some significant and silly moments along the way.

Equine Neighbors

These guys live next door to us. The fence that separates our land from theirs is a little bit of a tease, because our garden is barely on our side. The horses often come over while we’re in the garden, maybe hoping to snag a vegetable to crunch. Their owner very rarely rides any of them, and they are pretty content to graze and soak up the sunshine. There are about ten of them in all, and they’re friendly. When we have kiddos over, most of the time they can reach right over and pat the horses on the nose. I sit on the front porch and just watch them graze often. They have all the grass they could eat, thanks to all the rain we’ve had lately. Like most of us, I bet they’re thankful for this somewhat mild Oklahomasummer. 

Thankful: We Love Our Home

*Photo taken last fall*
One day last week, I pulled into the driveway. Adam was working on his tractor, and the dogs were out playing and ran up to greet me. The weather was sunny and a perfect 75 degrees. Little "helicopter" seeds from the maple tree covered the green lawn, and there was a fresh springy smell in the air. 
It was perfect.

I stood very still for a moment to take it all in. Many days, as I'm pulling in the driveway, I say out loud to myself, "How is this even fair? I can't believe we're lucky enough to live here." But really, we aren't lucky. We are blessed. God has given us the means and the opportunities to make this life our life, and we are so thankful. 

Hope you all are having a good week and are thankful for wherever you may be in life right now. I know it's Monday, but it's a sunshine-y kind of Monday!  


Thankful: Spring Evenings

Those evenings are coming. Those longer, warmer, sun-filled, happy evenings. A couple of nights ago, we got our first taste of one. We had dinner outside, played some one-on-one basketball, and ended the evening by racing the sun for a few minutes of fishing. It was a perfect evening. We talked about our future together. We laughed together. And we were quiet together, enjoying the blessings that make up our home. I’m grateful to have moments like this with Adam. I’ll keep the evening tucked away with grainy photos on this little blog. Hope you are having a great week, as well.
Love, Bekah
P.S. I give A a really hard time about his overalls, but I think he’s kind of adorable in them.

Here, Lately: 2/25

Hi, friends! Remember my list of new, regular features? This is the first of “Here, Lately,” which I plan to be pretty flexible with in terms of what I’ll be posting about. Hope you all are having a happy Monday and are staying in from the gray and wet and cold. Here are some photos from yesterday, when it was blue and sunny and warm. Enjoy!

| The sun lighting up my field, my favorite place.
| Bluer than blue sky.
| Thanks, chimney and fireplace, for helping to keep us cozy.
| Sunsets can be pretty facing eastward, too.
| Mismatched boots (Adam one: is very trendy and two: misplaces his shoes sometimes).
6 | Wood from a dead tree chopped up last fall to keep us warm this winter.
| A daily reminder: I do need to be reminded daily, or I turn into Oscar the Grouch.
I  wouldn’t mind a snow day or two if I can stay home in it. Hope you all stay warm and dry. Have a lovely week!

Oklahoma Skies: Home

I snapped this the other day when Adam, the dogs, and I were out exploring. The dogs were supposed to be looking for rabbits, but it was a beautiful day, so I think they were just happy to be out wandering with us. This is an open area at the back of our property, and it might be my favorite part of it. Sometimes you’ll see deer, but often you’ll just see the neighbors cows grazing on the other side of the fence. They will lift their heads every so often to make sure we are staying in our area and then go back to their dinner. We have to go through a small patch of woods to get back here. Adam has cleared a nice little road to make it easier. It’s a peaceful, lovely spot that has a prime view of the sun setting. Country living is alright.

Housewarming Love

Hi, lovelies!

This weekend was a wonderful one. The weather was fabulous, especially for an Oklahoma winter, and we had our first housewarming party with my side of the family. My grandma cooked Mexican food (yummo beef and chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice), and my Aunt Bea made guacamole, salsa and cream cheese dip, and spinach dip. All of the food was delicious (Mexican food is my fave), and I ate copious amounts of all of it. After everyone had their fill of food, we explored the outside of the house so that my great-aunts could exclaim over every little thing, such as the storm cellar (“Oh, how nice!”), the unfinished pole barn (“Well, look at this, Phyllis!” “Oh, yes, Louise, we need one of these!”), and the open pasture (“How preeetty!”). Mom learned how to drive the tractor, and the guys checked out the pond. Once everyone was reassured that the outside of the house was up to par, we headed back inside to eat cake.

Can I just talk about something here? Seriously, aside from popcorn, chocolate birthday cake that you get from the Wal-Mart or Reasor’s bakeries is the best thing that has ever happened to this earth. Sounds silly, but I LOVE that chocolate cake. I love the moist cakey part. I love the too-sweet buttercream icing that comes in all different colors and stains your teeth. I love that there is always enough left over to eat for a week straight and to add about forty inches to my waistline. And, obviously, I love it enough to devote an entire paragraph to it on my blog. [End obsessive cake rant.]

So, we all headed back inside to eat cake.. Glorious, delicious, chocolatey cake. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m really done talking about it. Then we opened gifts. Adam, because he is spoiled, was a bit bummed because all we got was “woman” stuff; kitchen goodies, bath towels, and more kitchen goodies. He’ll get over it. Overall, it was a lovely afternoon, and we were so happy to have family over to see our new place. I now know why it’s called a “housewarming” party. Having everyone there immediately made the house feel like home, and we really enjoyed it.

Here are a couple of highlights:
The cake. It said “Home Sweet Home” and featured a mini John Deere since Adam just bought one. So cute.
Here’s me holding my beloved cake, while my bestie, Valorie, is teaching my Pappy how to photobomb. Probably the funniest moment of the day and one reason I completely adore Valorie. 
Here is Pappy photobombing all by himself. 
My beautiful new Kitchen Aid mixer, complete with fingerprints, a gift from my parents.
Me making awkward faces (this is the best picture; I promise the others were much worse) while my handsome husband sits there in a fancy cutoff shirt being charming and probably secretly regretting marrying such an awkward person. Just kidding. He adores me and all of my awkward ways. Oh, and for the record–he wasn’t supposed to make it to the party because he was moving stuff. Otherwise, I’d have had him in at least a short-sleeved t-shirt. Sheesh.
The sun is supposed to shine all week long, and I plan to bask in it as much as I can. Hope you have a great week!