Here, Lately: 2/25

Hi, friends! Remember my list of new, regular features? This is the first of “Here, Lately,” which I plan to be pretty flexible with in terms of what I’ll be posting about. Hope you all are having a happy Monday and are staying in from the gray and wet and cold. Here are some photos from yesterday, when it was blue and sunny and warm. Enjoy!

| The sun lighting up my field, my favorite place.
| Bluer than blue sky.
| Thanks, chimney and fireplace, for helping to keep us cozy.
| Sunsets can be pretty facing eastward, too.
| Mismatched boots (Adam one: is very trendy and two: misplaces his shoes sometimes).
6 | Wood from a dead tree chopped up last fall to keep us warm this winter.
| A daily reminder: I do need to be reminded daily, or I turn into Oscar the Grouch.
I  wouldn’t mind a snow day or two if I can stay home in it. Hope you all stay warm and dry. Have a lovely week!