I’m Rebekah Warren, a freelance copywriter based in Oklahoma.

I’ve been writing since I was a small child, crafting nonsense stories in garishly-colored journals – you know the kind, with the lock and key that was inevitably lost in two days. I have always known storytelling is at the heart of every bit of communication. Sometimes, we get right to the point. Often, there’s something deeper lying underneath that belies the truth of the thing.

It’s a passion of mine to find that truth, and I apply it to all aspects of my writing, whether it be my M.A. level thesis on Cherokee Women as Storytellers or your upcoming business rebrand. Your readers won’t see the work it took to bring your story to light, but they will see the heart of it – what makes your content, your products, and you unique.

If you think my talents and your goals are a good fit, let’s chat. I can’t wait to help you tell your story.