These days
are wildly changeable 
and annoyingly predictable. 
We are together, together, together. 

It looks like short tempers, patience long gone. 
It looks like dirty dishes, scattered toys. 

But then, the light shifts. 

And it looks like baking from scratch, extra snuggles.
It looks like unfettered giggles, the most grateful of hearts. 

These days,
I can see the love as a physical thing, 
floating from room to room and filling us. 

We are together, together, together.

And Spring, You’re the Best

As soon as Adam walked in the door, I was setting out dinner plates. The three of them ate at lightning speed and ten minutes later, they were outside, stealing the last light of the day. I finished dinner inside alone, listening to them play through the screen door. The girls’ shrieks of laughter, his playful taunts; all set against the cacophony of the trampoline springs. It was true and full and sounded just like love to me.

Note: I’m working on what I’ll call snapshots; in which I’ll make an attempt to capture a moment and put its feeling into a few words. I hope I’ll catalog some significant and silly moments along the way.