California: Highway 1

During the second part of our week in California, Adam and I took a couple of days to ourselves to explore a bit of the coastal region. We went to the Muir Woods, passed through San Francisco, visited Santa Cruz, and spent an afternoon in Monterey. It was actually our favorite part of the vacation, because we had some time to relax. We spent a whole evening in our hotel room, eating pizza in bed and watching TV for three solid hours. We’d never do that at home, but what’s a vacation without a little rest and relaxation, right? Especially after three days of Disneyland, it was really nice for this mama-to-be to have some down time. We drove down highway 1, which runs right along the coast. I’m really glad we took the time to see the Pacific Ocean, even if it wasn’t quite beach weather. Here are some pictures from those last two days!

 ^^If you know Adam, you know he doesn’t like cities or crowds, so he loved being out here.
 ^^So pretty!
 ^^The trail we took had a pretty creek running alongside it. 
 ^^These photos don’t really do this area justice. 
 ^^Our first look at the ocean in Santa Cruz.
 ^^Adam desperately wanted to jump off those cliffs. Nope.
 ^^They surrounded the water. Very tempting.
 ^^Just my cute husband.
^^Monterey Bay, home to lots and lots of sailboats.
 ^^Annie’s first trip to the ocean. 🙂

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