Dear Baby: Week 35

Tiny pink things for the hospital bag. 
Dear Baby,
Hello, lovebug. We arrived at week 35 yesterday. 35 weeks, my girl! I can’t believe it. I thought this pregnancy would drag on, but it’s really flown by. Daddy and I have been busy, busy, busy – working hard to get things ready for your arrival! Your nursery is finished and ready for you to live in. I hope you love it as much as I do. You have your own shelf in the bathroom. I even cleared out a space in the kitchen just for your bottles. We’ve had baby showers to celebrate your upcoming arrival given by people who love us, and love you by extension. Your dresser is full of the cutest tiny little duds. Thanks to your Aunt Mary, you have more clothes and Daddy and me combined! I think we’ll have to have daily fashion shows so you can wear your cutest outfits at least once before outgrowing them. Our hospital bags are packed and ready to go. I’m hoping you stay in there and grow at least two or three more weeks, but just in case you decide to arrive early, we’re ready.
Daddy and I are so ready to meet you. We cannot wait to see your face; see whose nose and eyes you have, your complexion, and see how much hair is there just waiting for a bow to perch on top of your head. We cannot wait to kiss your chubby cheeks and hear your sweet voice. Most of all, we cannot wait to cuddle you to pieces.
So, we have your “things” ready, and we’re ready to love on you. Aside from that, I hope we’re ready to take good care of you. I’m nervous about lots of little things. What if I can’t tell why you’re crying, or if you’re warm enough? Please bear with us while we learn how to take the very best care of you. We will try our hardest to make sure you are always healthy and happy and loved beyond measure, even if we just have to figure it out as we go. We adore you so fully already, and we cannot wait to meet you. Very soon!

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