The Happiest Place on Earth

We went to Disneyland! And it was glorious. Aside from a few minor mishaps, like a crazy shuttle driver and a trip to Urgent Care for the two little ones, we had a great time. It was a lot of fun to watch Beau, our three year old nephew, see his favorite characters in person and ride Goofy’s rollercoaster six times in a row. Paige, our niece, is just over a year old, but she did so well and enjoyed meeting the characters, too! Here are a few pictures–we made some good memories. I also shared a few pictures on my Instagram while we were on the trip!

 ^^Beau’s first ride, Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Orbiter. He was so excited.
^^Adam was in the car in front of them, and Beau enjoyed ramming into the back of him. Ha!
^^Giving Pluto a high-five. 
 ^^Paige checking out Minnie’s nose. 🙂 
 ^^It took a minute to convince him, but then Beau had a fun dance party with Minnie.
 ^^Oh, my heart. So precious.
 ^^Cinderella’s castle, all decked out for the holidays.
 ^^Sweet gals in the teacups at the Mad Tea Party.
^^And of course we rode Dumbo. Classic Disneyland!

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