The Creatures

Hi, dear readers! Did you miss me? Hope all is well in your world. Things have been fine around here; just working, occasional fun events, and animal encounters. I don’t know that I fully thought about how living in the country meant living alongside animals.
A few weeks ago we were sitting on the front porch having dinner, and a hummingbird flew by super close to my head—I actually thought it was a bat, because I’m nuts. So, we put hummingbird feeders out the other night. Apparently they like sugar water, and they’re more likely to want it if it’s red. I only had pink food coloring (me, pink? duh), so I was a little worried. But, the next day I came home to a hummingbird flitting around drinking the sugar water! They’re pretty adorable. Not all the animals out here are sweet and tiny, though. The other night, Adam and I were running (more about that in another post), and out of nowhere I hear this weird noise. A deer blew at us! I mean, it just blew out hard and fast and took off! I wasn’t freaked out until I knew what it was and realized a deer had been a few feet from me. Apparently that’s their hey-I’m-right-here-and-you’re-in-my-space-so-I’m-getting-out-of-here-now noise. Of course, Adam knew what it was, wasn’t frightened, and told me to quit being ridiculous. Naturally.
So whatever, a hummingbird, a deer. Well, several weeks ago (and some of you have heard this, so bear with me), I came home from church one night. It was dark out and our pole light isn’t super strong, but I can see to get in the house and all. Well, I was walking up the steps to the back door and opened it, and as I was stepping inside, there was a SNAKE! A SNAKE! Just wriggling around on MY doorstep. Not his doorstep, MY doorstep. So obviously, I tore into the house yelling at the top of my lungs. I mean, I was screaming like the thing had taken my firstborn.
“SNAAAAAKE! There is a snake on the doorstep! Adam Wesley Warren!” He wasn’t concerned. It may be because it’s not uncommon for me to be yelling frantically about something—I need medication, I tell you—but either way, he was taking his sweet time.
After he had finished rummaging around in the refrigerator, he said, “Now, what? You think you saw a snake?”
This only infuriated me. “Uh, yeah. I know I saw a snake; I stepped right over it. Why does he think it’s okay to wriggle around on MY doorstep?! Well, go get it! Are you a crazy person or what?” He gave me a look that plainly conveyed just who he thought the crazy person was and went outside. He came right back in, and admitted that there was indeed a snake and that he had taken care of it.
I went outside to confirm the wriggling had ceased, and he had the nerve to say, “Well, it’s not like it was big or anything.” Now if you see him and ask about this, he will tell you it was no bigger that an earthworm. Do not believe this tall tale. The thing was definitely bigger than an earthworm. I’m sure it was almost a whole foot long! Either way, I don’t care. A nasty snake is a nasty snake, whatever its size, and it is NOT allowed in my home. Or on my doorstep for that matter.
So, I’m now very watchful anytime I’m outside. I think I’d like to get a little gun to carry with me while I’m tromping about the grounds, just in case. Chances are, I’d completely lose it and not keep my head long enough to aim properly, so that may be dangerous, but it’s a thought. I haven’t seen any of those vile creatures since then, but I know they’re out there, waiting for me. Ugh! Hope all of you have lovely, snake-free weekends.

2 thoughts on “The Creatures

  1. It really was! Country living has been an adjustment. 🙂 Thank you for the comment! I appreciate that you interact with your readers as much as you do. Have a happy week!


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