Country Roads

Hi, friends (and family, because I’m fairly certain it’s mostly my mom and grandma that read this at all).

Today I have a little post about what I’ve learned about driving in the country.

1) People blatantly disregard stop signs. Unless there is someone else at the intersection, but really even both parties just might slow down out of courtesy. 
2) People also blatantly disregard speed limits. Unless you happen to be running late, then you can guarantee there will be a truck hauling a trailer, a giant farm truck, or a tractor. Those vehicles will always be going well under the speed limit and will also take up the whole road so they cannot be passed. 
3) When you’re driving, especially if you’re in a truck, you’re expected to give other drivers the “wave.” This wave is done by lifting up two or three fingers from the steering wheel in a casual manner. You may also nod once while you do it if you’re feeling extra friendly. Surprisingly, I’m pretty good at it, but Adam is still working on it. He gets rejected by the other drivers. 
4) You will see animals, and they will be in the road RIGHT IN YOUR PATH. Some animals I’ve seen include: Squirrels, rabbits, cats, and dogs (duh),  turtles (I helped one across the road), snakes (ew, ew, ew), deer (so, so many), cows (babies and mamas), and a lynx. Yes people. A lynx! Also, driving home alone the other night, I saw what can only be described as the feline version of the Grimm. It was a humongous, black thing that had a cat’s face, but it was HUGE, you guys. I told Adam about it, and he said, “That sounds like a panther. You didn’t see a panther.” He then went on with his life while I contemplated moving because I saw a panther a quarter mile from our house. The next day, he told our neighbor about it (who, by the way, is almost 80 and has lived on this patch of land his entire life and knows what he’s talking about), and he told us, “Well, there have been some sightings in the area recently.” We’re moving tomorrow. 
4.5) Just kidding. We’re not moving. But I hope we don’t get eaten by a panther.
5) You will probably hit an animal, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. I hit a squirrel, and the worst part is, it didn’t die right away! I hit its back half, so it had to drag itself off the road with its little arms! Oh, the humanity! I was very upset and told my grandma, who said, “How’s he going to store nuts for the winter? And he probably had a family… He’s probably still dragging himself around!” Thanks, Grandma. Thanks a lot. 

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