Oh, the cute!

Hey ya’ll. I know I haven’t posted in a while, but what better to bring me back to the blogging world than our new, sweet, adorable, perfect, darling beagle pups? I think it’s official; I’ve become one of those people. I am obsessed with my dogs. But you know all those things people say about dogs–about how they’re so loving and loyal, always thrilled to see you, and they really think you’re the greatest? Those things are true. These puppies have changed my mind about dogs. They may be a little stinky after swimming in the pond sometimes, but they love me, and I love them back. They each have their own personality. Jimmy is sweet, jealous, and so smart. Ruby is mischievous, brave, and affectionate. They are a ton of fun, and I have loved becoming a mama to these two. Here’s an idea: let’s share some puppy photos, mostly because it’s Monday. This hasn’t been a particularly bad Monday, but still. Monday. Without further adieu, welcome to Monday Funday, featuring Jimmy and Ruby!

Jimmy: I wonder if Mom will give me more of those “organic” treats. What is organic anyway?
Is it the same as bacon? I love bacon. 

Jimmy: She is always asleep. 

Jimmy: Mom! Ruby ruined my close-up!

Jimmy: Okay, here’s my most charming expression. More treats, right?

Ruby: Well, here’s my most charming expression. I get all the treats! 

Ruby: MOM! You were gone for like three minutes! I thought you  left forever!

Hope these pictures put a smile on your face. Sorry if they made you roll your eyes. If that was the case, you should probably go get a puppy for yourself. 🙂 Have a great week! I’ll be back soon with an update on what else has been going on at the Warren homestead.


*cheesy/dumb captions by yours truly–the puppies don’t actually talk or call me Mom, to my disappointment

2 thoughts on “Oh, the cute!

  1. Welcome to the pet obsessed club. LOL! I too am that pet mom. My baby is Tucker! 🙂 Your precious beagle babies are adorable! So glad you love them the way you do.


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