Girlfriends: Megan + Me

Forever friends, this girl and me.

Just another memory to document in my little online space.. Last week, I got to have dinner with my sweet friend, Megan. For those of you who don’t know Megan, you’re missing out! She’s a total gem. She’s been one of my best friends since we were about fourteen. Since graduating high school, we’ve stayed in touch as much as possible, but haven’t gotten to spend a ton of time together since we’ve largely lived in different parts of the state. For the first time in several years, though, we actually live close enough to one another to grab dinner pretty often, which has been so fun!

Just about every time we get together, we laugh about how much our conversations have changed over the years. As junior high girls, we had silly dance parties and took a ridiculous amount of pictures together. In high school, we experienced the coming of age rituals that came with driving, Student Council, boyfriends, and Spanish classes. While we were college students, we saw each other less frequently, but always picked up exactly where we left off. Now, as college graduates who have husbands and full-time jobs, it is so lovely to have Megan, among a couple of other girlfriends, to talk about real, actual grown-up things, like buying a home, stress at work, and future babies. Especially when we have so many memories of growing up together! Of course, we still act ridiculous and obsess over Eisley (and the DuPrees in general). And we love going out but it’s kind of the best to just order pizza, stay in, and catch up on the latest hometown news with our girlfriends.

I feel very blessed to call her “friend” and am always blown away by her pretty face and big heart! Oh, AND–Megan and her husband J.D. recently launched Waving Wheat Creative. If you need photos, invitations, or anything along those lines, be sure to check them out!

Love you, Meggie!

P.S. I plan on doing short posts for a couple of my other girlfriends, too. These sweet girls are so special to me!

Girls’ Night + Kelby Lee

Last night, I got to spend the evening with four of my closest friends and one of the cutest babies. I have been friends with these ladies for a long time (like, twelve or thirteen years–what?!). I’m super thankful we have all kept in touch and made an effort to stay friends through the different phases of our lives: junior high, high school, college, marriages, and now a baby! As Megan said when we all got to Jenna’s last night: “Weird.. There is a baby among us.” Haha! Sweet Jenna is a great mommy, and Kelby could not be any cuter. He kept us entertained by cooing and smiling and generally being adorable. We all love him to pieces! I drug out my film SLR because I had a roll of film I needed to use up, and what better subject than my sweet friends and Kelby Lee? I had a great time–love you, ladies!