Girls’ Night + Kelby Lee

Last night, I got to spend the evening with four of my closest friends and one of the cutest babies. I have been friends with these ladies for a long time (like, twelve or thirteen years–what?!). I’m super thankful we have all kept in touch and made an effort to stay friends through the different phases of our lives: junior high, high school, college, marriages, and now a baby! As Megan said when we all got to Jenna’s last night: “Weird.. There is a baby among us.” Haha! Sweet Jenna is a great mommy, and Kelby could not be any cuter. He kept us entertained by cooing and smiling and generally being adorable. We all love him to pieces! I drug out my film SLR because I had a roll of film I needed to use up, and what better subject than my sweet friends and Kelby Lee? I had a great time–love you, ladies!

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