Four Simple Goals: The Results

So for November, I set four simple goals for myself. It was a good challenge, and it helped me to be more conscious of a few things. I wasn’t completely successful, but I did better than I thought, so I guess it evens out! 
1. Pick up my camera and take at least one photo every day. Huge fail. I did use it a few times a week to learn it a little more before our vacation, but I definitely didn’t use it every day! The first weekend of November, the time changed, and it started getting dark before I got home from work. I know. Excuses, excuses. I did use it enough to become more familiar with it, so I guess it wasn’t a huge fail. J
2. Drink more water. Success! I started limiting myself to one caffeinated drink a day (for the most part!) when I found out I was expecting. When I made this goal, I made little daily goals to reach, like finish a bottle of water by 10:00 AM or finish two glasses of water before I leave the office. That helped so much, and I established better habits that are sticking.  
3. Finish Annie’s nursery (sort of). I’d call this one a success as well. I wanted to finish all the projects I had planned that couldn’t just be purchased. I did that, and we bought most of the major things on our list. We’re both home most of this week, so we are going to knock out a few more things (BECAUSE, OH MY WORD, I’M ALMOST THIRTY WEEKS PREGNANT).
4. Read my Bible every day. Success! Again, making little daily goals helped with this. It helped to read either during my lunch break or when I got home, after feeding the dogs and before making dinner. And this sounds really dumb, but on off days with too much free time, I’d remind myself to read before catching up on blogs or getting on Pinterest. It helped to establish more of a habit, instead of just squeezing it in when I thought I had time, because, realistically, I always have the time.

So there ya go! It took me a while to get this update posted. Maybe I should set a goal of blogging more often to hold myself a little more accountable. JWe’ll see. Hope you all are having a happy holiday season! 

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