Talimena Drive

Last weekend, we took a day trip down to the Talimena Scenic Drive in southeastern Oklahoma. We had planned on going for a couple of weeks, changed our minds because of rainy weather, and then decided to go again at the very last minute because the rain had stopped. I’m so glad we decided to go. 
It was about a three hour drive for us. We didn’t listen to the radio. We only talked a little. We mostly enjoyed the drive. This area is the closest thing Oklahoma has to mountains that I’ve seen, and it’s breathtaking. When we were there, it was gray and drizzly, but even through the gloom it was beautiful. The drive is known for its fall colors, and we made it down there just in time to see the last of this season’s reds and oranges. Close to the highest point, there is a vista that has a panoramic view. We caught a flash of the sunset trying to break through the clouds. We stood and took in the view, not minding the cold and the wind. 
We have been so busy lately (isn’t everyone, all the time?), and this trip reminded us to slow down a little. We definitely plan to return, and I hope to make it back on a sunny day next year. I have a feeling the golden hour there is pure magic. 

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