Winter, You’re the Worst

Captain’s Log
Winter: Day 267 (I think, I’ve lost count)
March 4. Wind chill of 5 degrees today. Thusly, I cannot. The crew is quickly descending into cabin fever, the littlest behaving the craziest of them all. When we brave the outdoor wind, there is whining and crying from all crew mates, so we stay in the hull, where there is also whining and crying.
Okay, but for real. WINTER, I AM OVER YOU, OKAY?! 
Today I let the girls get out their messiest craft supplies. There were tiny strips of tissue paper floating about like confetti. There were layers of glue dripping from paper bags turned puppets. Lucy ate parts of two crayons. Then I decided since it was too cold to play outside, we should make cookies. Yes, I thought to myself, let’s bake sugar cookies from scratch so I can scrub flour out of the grout once I’ve tired of picking up the bits of tissue paper. Then later, I can wonder why random surfaces are sticky before remembering the Great Frosting Fiasco of 2019. So, we mixed and baked and frosted and sprinkled. I feel confident I’ll be finding sprinkles in random corners of the kitchen for weeks to come. 
Bet you can guess which ones I decorated and which ones the girls did. Oh, you can’t? That’s kind of rude.
Anyway, tomorrow is a school day for Annie and a run-errands day for Lu and me. We’ll go to the library; it’s a little less busy than the Chick-Fil-A playplace, which I know they clean well, because it’s Chick-Fil-A, but even they cannot totally rid the place of flu germs. I figure less traffic means a slightly lesser chance of contracting a virus, even though Lucy always manages to pick up the toy another toddler just finished licking thoroughly. So, yeah. That’s quite enough of you, winter. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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