Lu, Right Now

Right now, Lucy

loves watching shows, if she’s seated in her chair or right next to her sister.
constantly brings me her shoes to go outside.
scratches her chest and says “ticka, ticka, ticka,” when asked where her belly is.
will throw everything down in her haste to get to the kitchen if I say “Lulu, are you ready to eat?”
refuses to drink milk in anything but her bottle, but will gladly throw back juice in her sippy cup.
says “woof, woof” when she hears or sees her doggies.
is content to toddle around and destroy the house by pulling out every item she can reach, toy or otherwise.
loves bath time and tries to drink the water when she thinks I’m not looking.
babbles “Daddy, daddy, daddy” when she hears his car pull up in the driveway.
sneaks into the bathroom to unravel the toilet paper roll, which she can do in about ten seconds flat.
snuggles into me, holding me tight with one hand and patting me with the other.
yells at her sister, vehemently and incoherently.
is becoming less and less of a morning person, needing a few minutes to lay quietly with her milk before hopping up to play.
gives the best kisses and lovins.

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