Dear Baby: Week Fifteen

Dear baby,
Hi, little one. We are about fifteen weeks into this journey, and Daddy and I are still just over-the-moon excited. According to our pregnancy books, last week you were supposedly about the size of a peach, so we’ve started calling you Peaches until we know your forever name. Very silly, I know. But we’re silly. I hope you’ll love that about us and that it won’t embarrass you too much when you’re a teenager. But if it does, I think that’s normal, too.
I’m feeling so much better than I have been the last few weeks – thank you for letting me eat regular food again! And I have more energy, so I’m so excited to start some real planning for your little space at home. We can’t wait to meet you, but we are also really enjoying this time to plan for you and anticipate your arrival. It’s so special. Our family and friends, soon to be your family and friends, already love you. Gigi and Papa Jeff have been telling everyone they know, and they’re already planning a million ways to spoil you rotten.
A couple of weeks ago, we got to see your little hands, and feet, and nose. You were kicking your tiny feet around, and oh! Those teensy toes! You’re perfect already.
We hope that you stay healthy and that I can do everything possible to provide a good place for you to grow over the next few months. I want you to be good and strong when we meet, because Daddy will probably try to take you hunting right away! Or if you want to stay home with Mama and read a good book, we can do that, too. Can’t wait, little one.


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