All My Life

Earlier this month, we celebrated our fifth anniversary. We haven’t had photos done since our wedding, and I thought our anniversary was as good of a time as any to snag a few. Thankfully, my friends Megan and J.D. were willing to take on the task! So, on a muggy August evening, we tromped around our ten acres and looked for pretty natural backdrops while Ruby chased rabbits around us. For a few, we used a quilt that was hand-sewn by my great-grandmother that has been passed down to me, which was really special. Meg and J.D were so fun to work with and made us look good even when we were feeling a little awkward and camera-shy. Thanks for the fun evening and putting up with our crazy dogs running circles around us. Y’all are amazing, and we are so happy with the end results. I had a ton of favorites, but here are just a few. Enjoy!

P.S. How cute is that shot of Adam with our pup, Maggie? I die.

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