Goodbye, Love in the Country

Hi, friends!

 So, my blog has undergone a slight makeover. I have been wanting to change the look of it for a while now. Last week, I was down with a virus for a couple of days. I only got out of bed to move to the couch, but unfortunately, my head congestion prevented me from sleeping well, so I had lots of down time. I used the time to get a little more familiar with ways to improve my blog page. I’m not finished yet, but I am fairly happy with the results so far!

You also may have noticed that my blog name has changed. (So if you are following me via bloglovin’, make sure you update the address!) I’ve spent some time thinking about its purpose and what kinds of things I want to write about. I have adjusted to country living quite well (though I still have some fun stories to tell!), and want to broaden my topics a bit. The new name, Home + Heart, kind of sums up what I want the focus to be here. I love our country life, but the country isn’t the sole focus of our lives!

I hope broadening the blog’s horizon a bit will let me be a little more creative with the things I want to share. I have a few ideas, but I’d love to hear from my (very few) readers! What would you like to hear about? Can’t wait to get started on bettering this space! Hope you all have a great weekend.

 Love, Bekah

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