A Family of Three

We are expecting, and we are over the moon about it! Lord willing, Baby Warren will join our family 
in early March. We are beyond thankful, and we are so excited to plan for Baby to join us next spring. 
I’ve always wanted to be a mama, and I couldn’t have chosen a better husband to parent alongside. 
We love you already, sweet baby.
*Photos by my amazing friends Megan and J.D. of Waving Wheat Creative
These are so special, you guys. Thank you.

All My Life

Earlier this month, we celebrated our fifth anniversary. We haven’t had photos done since our wedding, and I thought our anniversary was as good of a time as any to snag a few. Thankfully, my friends Megan and J.D. were willing to take on the task! So, on a muggy August evening, we tromped around our ten acres and looked for pretty natural backdrops while Ruby chased rabbits around us. For a few, we used a quilt that was hand-sewn by my great-grandmother that has been passed down to me, which was really special. Meg and J.D were so fun to work with and made us look good even when we were feeling a little awkward and camera-shy. Thanks for the fun evening and putting up with our crazy dogs running circles around us. Y’all are amazing, and we are so happy with the end results. I had a ton of favorites, but here are just a few. Enjoy!

P.S. How cute is that shot of Adam with our pup, Maggie? I die.

Equine Neighbors

These guys live next door to us. The fence that separates our land from theirs is a little bit of a tease, because our garden is barely on our side. The horses often come over while we’re in the garden, maybe hoping to snag a vegetable to crunch. Their owner very rarely rides any of them, and they are pretty content to graze and soak up the sunshine. There are about ten of them in all, and they’re friendly. When we have kiddos over, most of the time they can reach right over and pat the horses on the nose. I sit on the front porch and just watch them graze often. They have all the grass they could eat, thanks to all the rain we’ve had lately. Like most of us, I bet they’re thankful for this somewhat mild Oklahomasummer. 


Oklahoma sunsets can’t be beat.

Watching: ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. I realize these came out a couple of years ago, but we don’t have cable so we didn’t see them when they originally aired. I got the set for Adam for his birthday, and we’ve really been enjoying seeing some of the lesser known sports stories told. 

Eating: potato soup, nonstop. I know it’s summer, but I recently rekindled my love for potato soup and I. Can’t. Stop.

Hoping: that I can convince Adam to take me to the Cheesecake Factory this weekend for a late birthday dinner. Neither of us actually had cake on our birthdays (which were both within the last week), so I feel like that warrants a cheesecake trip. Right?

Loving: having a quiet evening here and there. We’ve been so busy lately that it’s kind of nice to just stay at home and do nothing for a little while.

Reading: the Harry Potter series. I read them every summer. And every time I read them, my heart swells a little more with love for the story and its characters. I am starting Order of the Phoenix this evening and already dreading losing Sirius. (Oh, my heart!)

Looking forward to: seeing the photos from our anniversary shoot with Megan and J.D. last night! I know they’re going to be fantastic. Thanks for shooting in muggy Oklahoma weather, y’all. 

Feeling thankful for: seeing so much of my friends lately. I am friends with some pretty special people. 
Thanks to Danielle for the inspiration for these Currently posts! Be sure to leave me a comment if you write your ow; I’d love to see it! J Have a great weekend. 

Love, Bekah

Five Sweet Years

We’ve been married for five years today, and it’s been the best. 
Adam, thank you for:
having more patience than I can imagine
bringing me sweet tea to work on your days off
taking me to musicals
growing the best tomatoes around
taking such good care of our land
the ridiculous amount of ice cream dates
smiling at me
working so hard to provide for us
helping me get to Heaven
being my rock
being my best friend
being your ornery, hard-working, loving self
You’re my favorite. Can’t wait for about seventy more years’ worth of adventures with you, love.